Trick or Treat?

To the person who decided tonight, that my 4 year old was too young for a king sized chocolate bar, and that my 16 year old is too old for candy at all, and then slammed the door in their faces, I ask you to please consider that, for just one night, these children (yes, even at 16, she is still a child) get to enjoy being children, and indulge in candy.

I don’t give my little girl very much chocolate, and I certainly would have saved a larger bar for a time that was not right before bed, but please allow parents to decide whether their kids are too young or too old. I promise you that I can control my children’s chocolate consumption, and I would much rather my teenager be out trick-or-treating with her little sister, than out doing who knows what else she could be doing.

If you are not comfortable giving larger bars to smaller children, that’s fine, grab some snack size bars for them; and what, pray tell, is wrong with a teenage girl enjoying her last few years before she becomes an adult? You better believe if adults could get away with it, a lot of us would be out grabbing free candy as well.

All I ask, is that if you are going to open your doors, you open your hearts. If you are going to judge children too young and too old, who is left to give candy to anyway?


5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat?

  1. I saw this post in Franklin Talking in fb. I agree with you. My daughter is a teenager and she was out trick or treating. They are only children once. One if my son’s didn’t want to finish trick or treating because a girl wasaking fun of his “mobster” costume. I find that it is a different world out there then when I was a kid. I try to reach my kids to kill them with kindness…it doesn’t always work, but then again there is always Karma.. good luck and ty for sharing!

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  2. Kathy Haines

    Well said Liz. Eric went trick or treating last night too. I have no problem with teens going out for the fun of it. Let them be kids for as long as possible.


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