What’s Your Angle?

Sometimes I will get a message, whether on facebook, or someone will approach me in the real world, and I won’t be sure what exactly it is that they want from me.


Today, I drove up to the gas station, to run in and grab a few drinks for the girls and I. As I pull in, a guy I have never seen before yells something at me. When I step out of my car, he asks if I work at the local grocery store. I tell him no. He said he just started there, and he works with someone who looks just like me. I am in there a lot, and I have never seen anyone who looks remotely like me.

Dude then follows me into the store, talking about random nothing, while I grab my water. I pay, while trying to keep up polite conversation, as he is speaking so fast, it is almost as if he is repeatedly hitting me every time I try to stand up. I walk out of the store, and he tells me his name, and asks for my number.

I gave it to him without realizing what I was doing

Then, I sat in my car, and said “what just happened???”

He texts me, to ask if I am single, and tell me he has a buddy at work he thinks I would like. He said my aura is a nice orange, which is good because his friend has an orange one too. At this point, I’m laughing, but I just brush it off.

Next thing he does, is ask if I think he is attractive, and says to me that he thinks we should “chill” sometime.

What the actual fuck, dude?? Make up my damn mind!

It’s like he literally can’t figure out what he wants from me.

The only thing I want is to stay FAR away from him.

If you are going to approach someone, cool. Do you, booboo. I just ask that, when you approach me, do it honestly. I am not a fan of games. Say hi, talk to me, that’s all well and good, but remember; I need to know. What is it that you want from me? If I am approaching someone, I want something. Friendship, romance, information… whatever it is, you don’t approach someone without a reason.

So tell me.

What’s your angle?


4 thoughts on “What’s Your Angle?

  1. just me

    My question is, why did you give him your phone number if you did not want him to contact you? That gesture alone is giving the other individual the ok to call or text you, yes?


    1. I didn’t even consider it as an option at the time. The fact that I had given my number to a strange guy only hit me once I sat down in my car. My mind was reeling from talking so much, and so quickly. I haven’t experienced this before, it was very interesting, actually. Also, I wasn’t bothered that I had given him my number, simply confused… up until he first tried to talk about hooking me up with his friend, and then mentioned wanting to hook up with me. I would not have had a problem talking as acquaintances, or becoming friends, but it was all just too much.


  2. just me

    You’re a pretty girl, men will naturally want to conversate. Sometimes its hard to differentiate the good guys from the weirdos. With that said, there are soooo many weirdos! Lol


    1. thank you for the compliment, I have been dealing with quite a lot lately, and this was a bit of added curiosity for sure. I wasn’t even sure how to deal with it. Right now, I fear that I am simply opting out of dealing with things that are less than crucial because of what is.


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