Sometimes, okay, most of the time, I miss having someone. It isn’t just the physical aspect I miss, though of course I miss being touched, and held… having someone stronger than I am, who can take control physically… but, what I miss most is the other.

I need someone with whom I can spar mentally; somebody who I can talk to about anything and everything – from why some camels have one hump and others have two (this literally kept me up for hours one night, and I ended up having to look it up before I could sleep) to our innermost thoughts and secrets. Someone who is interested in knowing everything about me, and who will allow me to learn everything about him.

I want someone to be there for, someone who will be here for me, as well. Someone who won’t turn away when I am breaking into pieces. Someone I can wake up next to in the mornings, and smile with the knowledge that he loves me, and he is here because he wants to be.

I need someone I can poke at, and play with… someone who will run with me, not for exercise, but through a meadow, laughing, just to tumble to the ground and lay, sprawling, and looking at the clouds. Someone who will encourage me to be precisely who I am, and will love me all the more for it.

Someone who feels like home.


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