Once upon a time, there was a man.
The man had a wife
and two lovely children,
and he was happy.

Until one day,
something happened
and he locked his heart away
never to be hurt again.

She wishes he saw himself
the way she sees him;
so much intelligence
burning bright in his eyes

the way he lights up
when he speaks of something
that sets passion aflame
in his heart

the love he holds
for his children
and how sweet he is
when he is with them

how he looks her in the eyes
when they talk
and how he can engage her
mind and heart in conversation

she is afraid for him
he says he wishes
to remain alone

she feels the sadness
in his heart
the fear, the doubt
the turmoil

he has allowed it
to take root there
to build up its home
and to spread

he reminds her of a story
a crash through the woods
on a horse in winter
a dark castle

but she is no Belle
and he is no prince
and this is not a fairytale
no spell to be broken

and he has been clear
that he doesn’t like her
she holds no fantasy
that he ever will

but she wants nothing more
than for him to be happy
to find someone
and fall in love

she simply fears
he will not allow himself
to open his heart
to let someone in

She is no Belle,
and he is no prince
this is real life…
but he is her Beast


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