I am Taking Walking Back.

As a child, I remember asking my mother every day whether I could walk home from middle school. I would walk through the woods at the back of the school as a shortcut, where the “cool kids” would smoke, mentally daring them to offer me one so I could throw it to the ground and stomp on it. (Yeah, I was that kid) I loved walking. Whether it was a walk to the park, or the corner store, pizza place, library or school, I was all about it.

Then, at the beginning of 8th grade, we moved.

Everything inside me was so adamantly against moving that something must have broken. I hated everything about it. This meant that I would be spending my final year of middle school in a new town, where I knew nobody. Which also meant that I would know virtually nobody when I got to high school, and we all know that being a freshman is bad enough on the social scale. Everything and everyone I knew would be left behind, and to make matters worse, my cat had just run off; presumably to be alone when he died.

In my new town, I didn’t really make very many friends. I actually cried because people weren’t picking on me because I thought it meant nobody liked me… back home, my friends would all take little jabs at each other – all meant in fun, of course… and I didn’t have that anymore. I had nothing. I didn’t even have the ability to ride the bus to and from school… and suddenly, I hated walking.

It wasn’t that the walk was farther or anything, in fact, I feel like it was closer… lots of hills to walk up and down, but the distance wasn’t bad at all. I think it was just part of the moving experience. I wanted no part of it, and something I once loved now became something I loathed.

I have hated walking ever since the day I moved in November of 1998. However, even more than that, I have hated the fact that I lost my love for something I once loved. I hate that I haven been spending so much time outside anymore. The problem is, I have just been letting the hate stew, rather than doing something about it.

Then, a friend of mine introduced me to the local dam. It is an easy walk to the end, and there are so many nature paths that are so pretty. My favorite so far looks like it is made of magic. I have been trying to lose weight, and I can’t swim just yet. Walking is a good exercise… I used to love walking… so, I decided to reclaim it.

I am taking walking back.

I am making some changes in my life. One of them will be reclaiming things that I used to love that I have allowed to fall by the wayside.



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