Her Fortress

She’s tired
So damn tired of all the tears
And all the pain,
and the joy that never lasts long enough
to be worth the pain

and she is sick
of the lies
and the false promises
and the stories with holes
that can’t be patched
and the excuses that
can’t be proven

she is sick, and she is tired
of caring so much for people
who could never care for her
of giving her heart away
only to have to wrest it back
more ragged and beat up
than it was before

So, she will build herself a fortress
With walls thick, and high, and strong
With gargoyles made in the image
Of the men who never cared
Because what could be more fearsome
Than a heart betrayed by itself?

She should never have let her guard down
Her fortress once was strong
Until she allowed herself to believe
For a moment…

But it only takes a moment.

She will have to rebuild anew
But she knows it will be worth it
It is for the best
She should have known
All along

How utterly unlovable she is

So, from now until the end
Her focus will be her children
Until they no longer need her
And then, she can be at rest


One thought on “Her Fortress

  1. It is a place of safety,
    That fortress,
    So tall and strong and isolated.
    Enjoy your time there,
    And those visions you see,
    For that place breeds death,
    The slow death of isolation.
    Your children will watch you rot.

    Leave before you are ready,
    And dance once again
    In the pain of rejection and loss,
    For that is the garden of wisdom.


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