A New Set of Rules.

So, after a series of scattered events and some feelings sprinkled here and there over the past few weeks, I figure it is time for a new set of rules for anyone who thinks they want to be part of my life.

1: Don’t waste my time. My time is just as important as yours is, and if you can’t recognize that, you need to sit down.

2: Don’t make me do all the work. I will not be the one making first contact every time. If you put in zero effort, I will take that as zero interest and act accordingly.

3: Treat me the way you want me to treat you, unless and until a different dynamic is established between us.

4: If you have something to say, say it. Be straight forward with me. I cannot read your mind.

5: Be honest 100% of the time. I promise you there is nothing you can do to me that would be worse than lying about it. If you do something hurtful, and you are honest, I will likely be more lenient. If you lie about it, you are gone.

6: If you are interested in potentially becoming more than my friend, say so. Point blank. That is the only way I am going to know you like me. Not because I can’t see the hints, but because I don’t tend to believe I am very “likable”.


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