Adventures in Breakfast

So, the other day, I started talking to an ex I hadn’t really spoken to in a decade or so. He asked me to get breakfast, and, even though I am in no way interested in being with him, I was curious about what he has been up to, and how things are going for him, so I agreed. We decided to meet at 9 at the local breakfast place.

Here’s some backstory: Jason and I had met when I was 21 and he was 19. I found him adorable, and, frankly, I figure he found me to be conveniently capable of purchasing fireworks for him. We had a strange relationship, but it was fun, until he came to me and told me that he “had gotten drunk with a female friend and woken up next to her naked and this meant he must have cheated on me.” We broke up, and fast forward roughly 10 years to now.

I arrived after dropping Arienette off, at about 8:48, and went inside to grab a table. The server came with a menu, and I let her know I was waiting for someone, and ordered an orange juice. I watched some of the other people, and listened to the music, aware of the sideways glances I was getting from the other customers who must have been wondering either why I was alone, or why I had yet to order. 9:00 came and went.

The server came back, and asked if I was still waiting, I said I would give him a few minutes more, since I knew he had a bit to drive. I sat, I waited. 9:10. I told myself I would give him a couple minutes, and then it hit me. I thought wait a damn minute. I have spent far too many years allowing people to waste my time. My time is more important than this. I sent a message asking if he was still planning to come. No response.

I ordered my food.

I ate my food.

I paid.

I left.

Still no word. I was not overly interested in seeing him to begin with. I will not be affording him another chance. I don’t know what he thought he was going to accomplish with this, Perhaps he thought I was interested in him and simply meant to hurt me. If so, he miscalculated. My interest is firmly placed elsewhere.


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