Far From Normal

I am far from normal.

I like black, and I hate pink.
I love Halloween. Valentines? Not really my thing.
I love hard music, but, I also love 90’s pop.
Anime is awesome.
I love a good horror film, but a comedy is always great, too.
I get really passionate about things. And about people.
Frankly, I sometimes have to remind myself not to act like a puppy.
Books are my favorite thing.
I am a fat girl.
I once shaved my head just to see what it would look like.
I randomly break into song (sometimes made up on the spot) for no reason whatsoever.
I like outrageous makeup.
When I go to a show, I need to be as close to the stage as possible. Not to be in the pit, but because I love to close my eyes and feel the music reverberate through my body.
I will get really excited about certain things.
I will get really depressed about others.
I enjoy some pain. And stuff.
Swimming is my favorite thing.
I love to paint, and write, and read, and sing, and make things any way I can… but my confidence in my ability to do these things is limited.
My eyes are my favorite thing about my body.
I love snakes, spiders and frogs.
I will do most anything you tell me I can’t, just for the sake of proving you wrong.
Labyrinth is my favorite movie. Followed by Sweeny Todd, Horsemen, Death Proof, and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I am an extremely picky eater.
I LOVE to learn. If you ask me a question, and I don’t know the answer, I will likely look it up.
I love other cultures. I wish I could travel more.

No, I will never be normal… but then, anyone who wants me to be isn’t who I am looking for.





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