Life of a Cat Mom

So, I have mentioned how Wolf (my cat) likes to miaou at me and paw me until I wake up to let her under the blankets, so she can curl up in front of my belly with my arm around her. She will even stay there all night, sometimes. That’s nothing new, I have had her since she was able to leave her mother, so she has become quite attached to me; following me everywhere, climbing all over me, laying on me, even when I just put her off me for the third time. She even waits at the door for me when I come home.

Something new has started to happen lately.

Once I have woken sufficiently to allow her under the blanket, and I have wrapped my arm around her, she wraps her arm around me too. Of course, her furry little arm only has a very small reach, so, she positions herself just so and curls around my boob… but hey, it’s kind of sweet.



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