White Tiger Karate, Party Hearty Dance, 2016


About a month ago, I was sitting around a table with a couple of friends when the subject came up. Valentines Day. It has never really been a day I have looked forward to, nor has it ever been a day I have enjoyed, but suddenly, I found myself hatching a scheme to go to a club, and climb atop a mechanical bull and get drunk for the first time ever (not necessarily in that order) and of course there would have to be pictures and video, and probably some duct tape to keep my chest from knocking my ass out, or popping out of my shirt in the process, and it was going to be a GREAT time!

And then I realized that the Karate dance was on the same night.

I had Krishna this weekend, and, of course, she wanted to go to the dance. What 15 year old girl wouldn’t? Of course, the moment Arienette heard the word “dance, her little heart was set on it as well, and she didn’t even know what it was, and, well, how could I look her in those big, brown eyes and say “no”? So, any aspirations I might have had toward making the most hilarious, most painful video in existence instantly imploded, and our minds were made up to go to the dance.

Of course, this dance was from 7-10 pm, so I was slightly concerned about how well my three year old would do at that hour.

Time passed, and eventually, Saturday, February 13 rolled around. It was bitterly cold, around 0* all day. The girls were intent on wearing dresses. Krishna realized hers was too short, and opted to borrow one of mine (which was too big on her, but she said she liked it), and I managed to get Ari to wear pants with hers, and both wore sneakers, and once we were ready, we were out the door.

We had to bundle Ari into a blanket to get her in the door, because by then, it was -2* outside, but when we walked inside, her eyes grew huge at the array of food they had just inside the door.


Deviled eggs, two chocolate fountains, cheese sandwiches, pizza, and so much more adorned the tables, just waiting for hungry patrons to snatch them up.

There was a photo booth, with props, a nice, big dance floor, tables and chairs (and bleachers) for seating, and more friendly faces than I have seen in a while.

I didn’t, personally, do any dancing. I mostly sat, watching my girls, and the others have fun, or walked around chatting with people here and there. (Though I did teach Krishna and Timmy proper partner-spinning etiquette.) Most of the people were folks I knew from White Tiger Karate, but there were some other people mixed in as well. Arienette even had a couple friends her age there to play with, though mostly, she stalked the snacks and danced. Over all, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I sincerely hope she does another dance soon.

So does Arienette. She can’t stop asking “We goin to the dance today??”



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