Happiness and Bright Eyes.

So, as most people who know me will know by now, Bright Eyes is my very favorite band. I actually got to see them during their tour for The People’s Key in March of 2011. I went to Boston, then turned around and drove to Portland Maine for the first time ever the very next night. They are the only band I would do this for.

At Boston, I was told by one of the openers, that this might be their last tour. This devastated me. So, in steadfast denial, every month since then, I have searched the internet (at least once) for any news of new music.

Conor has other projects, Desaparecidos, Monsters of Folk, solo stuff, etc… but it is Bright Eyes that has captured me… so, I keep checking. Occasionally, I will even tweet at them, and the label Conor co-started, Saddle Creek. Usually, they don’t acknowledge me… this time, they did.


Just that simple like on my tweet made me squee with all the joy in my heart… but that isn’t what this writing is, oh no… there is more to it than that… I had to get playful at this point and tweet them again…

I mean...

See that? That like right there? THAT is confirmation. That is all the confirmation I need.

If hope is truly a thing with wings, then I am flying higher than the clouds right now.


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