Fire Dream

Only twice before have I had fire dreams. Both times, they preceded real life, actual fires. I am always hoping I never have another.

I was talking to Dave, while he was getting ready for an event. His crew were the only people in the building for the day, and they were finishing preparations. I told the guys I would see them later, and kind of danced my way out the door and down the hall. It was dark. The kind of dark that swallows sound. The kind that your eyes never manage to adjust to. I am unsure why I was dancing, but it was a light, “Riverdance” kind of thing.

I never stopped dancing, but I felt just the touch of fear, and I prayed. I danced forward, and I prayed “God, please give light to my path.” I suppose, I could blame myself then, or irony, when a ball of fire erupted at the end of the corridor. In shock, my dancing stopped dead. I could see the puff of hot air and ash roiling toward me but I could not move. I tried to turn and run, to tell the guys about the fire, but I was rooted to the spot as if by magic.

I felt the heat, and a blast of air lifted me from the floor. I thought it was going to make it easier to move back the way I had come, but it began pulling me instead. I forced myself to twist around in the air, and I swam through the heat back toward the doors I had come through. When I reached them, I pulled them open and ran through.

I must have looked like an absolute disaster when I came on the guys, because they were shocked. I told them about the fire, but they blew me off like it was no big deal. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t concerned about it, but they just kept doing prep for their event. I could hear people starting to gather outside, so I ran out the back door to warn them.

There were tables, like cafeteria tables, kind of facing a stage. It looked like it was to be some sort of banquet / presentation or something. I saw Sharyl, and I sat with her and explained to her about the fire, but she didn’t seem to care. I made an announcement, but everyone laughed at me, as if I were delusional. Time went on, people were milling about, and I was trying to get people to understand the severity of the situation but nobody would listen.

Then, I happened to glance at the building, and I saw smoke curling up from the roof. I pointed this out, but they laughed and said it is only white smoke, and it is harmless. When the darker, black smoke appeared they started to worry, but it wasn’t until people saw actual flames that they seemed to understand that my warning was no joke. Still, they only walked away, as if this was the predetermined end to their event, though the event never happened. No panic, no running, just people walking away as if nothing of importance had happened as the building collapsed in flames.


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