My Two Cents: Elections and Voting

It’s been a while, hasn’t it, darlings? Well, it’s time for another lecture. This time, we shall tackle the much debated presidential election! Because, why the hell not? So, sit down, and get your minds all opened up and ready for me. Please save your comments and criticisms until the end of my post. Thanks.

There really ought to be rules about running for president. You know, beyond having to be a natural born citizen, and having to be 35 or older. I mean, I feel like there are more important things than age in determining how well you can run a country, right?

For example, can we all just agree that someone who blatantly states that they could  stand in the middle of the road and shoot someone, and not lose supporters should not run a country? Like, isn’t that just common sense?

Another point is this last debate. Now, I am no more a fan of Fox news than anyone else. However, that is beside the point. These debates are set up, ahead of time, for the purpose of allowing the public to see how the candidates can handle speaking with each other, the public and reporters, as well as how they answer questions. At the debates, all of the candidates for the party are expected to be there unless, of course, something comes up that they have to attend to elsewhere. You shouldn’t be able to pout your way out of a debate because Megyn Kelly doesn’t like him. Well, boo hoo. We all have people who don’t like us. How exactly does he plan to take down ISIL and “make America great again” if he can’t even stand up to a Fox reporter at a debate? Presidential candidates need to be answerable to the people.

We need someone who is reliable. Someone who will do as they need to do, and who isn’t going to have a temper tantrum, or spout hate and vitriol at an entire group of people completely ostracizing them. America is a melting pot. We are not an entirely white, Christian country. We are made up of many races. Many religions. Many cultures. THAT is part of what makes America great. The other part, the part that is missing, is the love and acceptance of all the people.

If you are a white, hetero, cisgendered, middle aged, upper class, man, then Trump may well be who you like. However, he has very clearly expressed his hatred of everyone else.


There needs to be some kind of standard to which we can hold the people who run for presidency in this country. Donald Trump is not the only one making a mockery of us, but he is the one painting most vibrant caricature. It is time to wake up. It is time to stand up. It is time to tell the powers that be that this is unacceptable and that we deserve better than this clown.

Get out there, and vote. If you want a better America, vote for one. I don’t want to hear anything about “oh, my vote won’t make a difference”, because when you add up all the people who use that excuse, it does.


One thought on “My Two Cents: Elections and Voting

  1. Very well stated! For those who are not registered to vote, but are eligible, in NH you can register to vote at your place of voting on the day of the elections. If you are going to be out of town or think you might be, you can pick up an absentee voter ballot at your local city/town hall. I’m sorry, but I do not know the rules for the other states.

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