As the World Falls Down

I almost didn’t write this.

I felt that it would be almost trite if I did, as if people would simply roll their eyes at how pitiful I am, “jumping on a bandwagon” so to speak.

Anyone who knows me, however, knows how hard I have been hit by the passing of David Bowie.

I almost didn’t write this.

but then I did

Or, I am.

As I type, I am listening to the score from Labyrinth. My sound track. My movie. Labyrinth came out the year after I was born, and from the first time I saw it, I was mesmerized. It has always been my favorite movie. For its time, it had great effects, and David Bowie was phenomenal as Jareth, the Goblin King. So many times over the years have I said “the words”, but with a twist… “I wish the goblins would come and take me away. Right now.”

As a child, I would walk through the labyrinth of my grandmother’s trailer park with my sister and cousin in tow, pretending I was Sarah, on a mission to find the castle at the center of the Labyrinth.

Any time the opportunity has been presented to me, I have jumped on it to watch this movie. Even going so far as to popping it in when I jumped on my exercise bike, thinking that watching my favorite movie would take my mind off my hatred for exercise. Note to self: That doesn’t work, only distracts you from the movie. I have gone to showings of Labyrinth at the local theater, and I have dreamed of having a themed wedding where David would officiate, done up as my Goblin King, and I could dress as Sarah in the Ball room scene.

Apart from Labyrinth, I confess, I know little of David Bowie. I know little of his music, though I will be amending that, and it shouldn’t have taken me this long to do that. His version of Little Drummer Boy / Peace on Earth with Bing Crosby is my favorite Christmas song, and I must hear it several times every season for it to truly be Christmas to me. Of course I loved seeing him appear in Zoolander as well, and I am sad that he will not appear in the sequel.

Speaking of sequels, if anyone even considers a remake or sequel to Labyrinth, I will be the last person on earth anyone would want to talk to about it. It can’t be done without Bowie.

Tell me I am jumping on a bandwagon if you want. As stupid as it sounds, my heart is broken today

RIP David Bowie, You will be missed eternally.

It’s only forever
Not long at all…

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