No Pepsi, Day 4.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letters N, O, P, and E.

I woke up early this morning, to get Arienette to preschool. Getting out of the car, it hit me, but I was able to hold it in until she was in her classroom, and I was back in the car. I broke down in tears. Clearly, it is not the best idea to quit soda cold turkey whilst also battling seasonal depression. Noted.

When I got home, I dabbled a bit online, and got some of Arienette’s toys taken care of, made myself an early lunch because my stomach was screaming at me, and ignored my body crying out to me for sleep.

Around 12:30, I went to pick the little lady up from school. She had a good day, which I expected. She always does. I declined the invitation from the little boy asking me to read to him. I just didn’t feel like it today, and I read to him most days. But I did agree to help him put his coat on. I don’t know why it is that the moment I sit down, all the small children flock to me. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming.

We got home, and both “took a nap” which resulted in neither of us taking a nap, she probably just played a bit in her room while I laid in bed trying to sleep. She got up, I made her a sandwich and turned The Lorax on for her. She likes that one. I then went back to lay down for a bit. When the movie ended, she climbed in bed with me and my Wolf, who was laying on my hip. I had to move the cat 3 times before she got the point and realized I didn’t move her on accident. Silly furball.

I just want to be asleep. Sorry this isn’t entertaining. The other 3 are better.


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