No Pepsi, Day 3.

Today has been better.

I am exhausted. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. I am also kind of weepy. However, it is much better. There have been moments when i have thought you know what would taste great with this? and then wanted to cry. I have also been fairly grumpy, and maniacal with the cleaning. I really do hate cleaning, but I have been doing a lot of it this weekend.

We made a chicken (Cornish Han, really) dinner today, with stuffing and gravy and stuff, so that was nice. We covered the bird with bacon, of course, because why the hell wouldn’t we? Arienette decided we would watch The Lorax during lunch, so that happened. she really enjoyed that one… and then Krishna went home to my mother’s.

Arienette doesn’t seem to understand why her toys need to go into her toy box, but then, she wasn’t clear on why it didn’t come full of toys to begin with either. I figure it is all part of being 3. She goes back to preschool tomorrow. She is looking forward to it, so that’s good. I am on the border between I am going to have some alone time and I have to wake up to get her to school lol so, there is that.

I am probably jinxing this whole thing, but, I think the worst may be over.


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