No Pepsi, Day 2.

I am floating.

My arms and legs are hyper-extended, I am stiff as a board, and floating in smog.

This is not, in any way, a happy thing.

I am exhausted.

Short tempered.




And cleaning as if my life depends upon it.

I hate cleaning. I hate cleaning so much that this is some circle of Hell that I must have landed in. What’s worse is that I have been increasingly annoyed with Arienette for not helping me clean since it is her mess I am working on. I just got a lovely new tow box, and so we went through her play room to reorganize her toys, then started in the living room and her bedroom. My goal is to get all of her toys, other than the few she sleeps with, into her play room and keep them there. I don’t think this is going to work.

I feel like that one episode of Ren and Stimpy. “Black Hole” where they get sucked into a black hole (obviously) and insane things keep happening (as they do) until they finally choose to implode rather than go on.

I have had so much water today, and my mouth is so dry. I feel like I am existing, which, I suppose, is better than not… I have a pulsing, sharp but dull pain in one side of my head that I am not entirely sure is there. I itch. Everywhere. It has been slightly less than 48 hours since my last Pepsi, and I think I am going insane.


2 thoughts on “No Pepsi, Day 2.

  1. Jennie bean

    I was addicted to diet Pepsi. I gave it up when I was sick for a solid week with what I am assuming was the flu & major sinus problems. I couldn’t eat more than a bite or two of anything I was dizzy to the point of literally passing out, I slept all the time & was still able to sleep at night. Now Pepsi tastes like potting soil to me so I drink water or gingerale.

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