No Pepsi, Day 1.

Yes, seriously. he title is what this post is about. don’t like it? Click elsewhere.

Okay, so, as most of you know, I chose to give up soda beginning today. My reasoning is that I drink a lot of Pepsi, and I want to lose weight, so, in order to lose weight, I am giving up the soda.

Caffeine is the only drug (yeah, it’s a drug, look it up) I have ever actually used. I have never smoked, I don’t like alcohol… I use medication only for the intended purposes. Pepsi is my vice.

I started a new medication this morning. It is a migraine suppressant, but it has a side effect of making carbonated beverages taste flat. I chose this medication specifically so that I could quit the drink. Sounds silly, perhaps (if you have gotten this far) you are even smirking a bit; but have you ever tasted flat Pepsi? It is horrendous. This means that, even if I were to break and have some, it would taste gross and be a waste of money. Plus, i takes a couple weeks off the pill before the taste comes back anyway.

So, I take the pill, I don’t drink the Pepsi, and the fact that it suppresses migraines means I got this on lock, right?


Okay, so there is no migraine, but my skin aches. like, you know the feeling when you need to pop your knuckles? That. But in my skin. What? Also, I am super drained (more than usual) and I am fairly grouchy today as well. I kind of hate the taste of water too, so this is already working wonders for me.

I called my grandmother, and she suggested I take up jogging. I laughed at her.You have seen me, right? Take a moment to picture me jogging. I would knock myself the hell out.

I suppose at least that way, I wouldn’t be thinking about the Pepsi so much…


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