On Preschool, Ears, and Channing Tatum.

Arienette woke me up early this morning, by climbing into bed with me. Then, she fought me about getting ready for school. Preschool starts at 8:30; this morning, I had an appointment scheduled with the ENT for the same time, so I had to push her so we wouldn’t be late. Coming downstairs, she slipped on the top step and landed on her bum. Apparently, this signified the end of the world to her. I got her into the car, and to school with little issue, and practically ran back to my car.

Thankfully, the Hospital is right next to preschool. I got to the office, filled out my paperwork, and watched a bit of TV. I was alone in the waiting room. I think “Good Morning America” was on. They were talking about cakes and other holiday foods. There was a Marco Rubio campaign commercial, and I couldn’t help thinking how very big his ears are, and how he sounds like such a dweeb when he speaks.

As I sat there, more people gradually filed in. Each of them at least a decade my senior. We just sat quietly, until “Live with Kelly and Michael” came on, and I quipped about how the title of the show says “Live” but there was an annotation on screen that said the show was prerecorded. A woman said they are probably on vacation, before mentioning she never watches this show because she prefers to read. Which, of course, became a launching point for me to rave about the ASOIAF books. An older gentleman made the decision that he ought to read the series.

Channing Tatum came onscreen. I mentioned that I don’t understand why people find him attractive, and the same man remarked that I must be the only woman alive who thought so. He asked if I had seen Magic Mike, and I told him that it’s not really my thing.

It was after 9:00 by now, clearly my doctor was running late.

It was just before he called me into the room that I realized why I am not attracted to Channing.

He has a great big head, and a tiny little face.


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