Index of Posts.

My Story
Finding Truth In A Pile of Lies
The Secret of Life
A Letter To My Inner Child
We Went To Profile Falls Today
On Turning Thirty
Growing Up Too Fast
More Than A Big Girl
Why My Cat is Actually a Dog
I Want to be Beautiful
A History of Me
What I See in the Mirror
Things I Love About Myself
What Happened When I Tried to Take My Girls for Pizza
My Grandfather
Thoughts on Getting Old
That Girl.
Twenty Three Years
The Food Pantry: The Guilt Of Need.
I am Taking Walking Back
Adventures in Breakfast
Separation, Divorce, and What Comes Next
Far From Normal
Life of a Cat Mom
Love is infinite
On Loyalty, Ears, and Channing Tatum
Fear and Honesty

Music, Books, Movies and TV
The Four Houses of Hogwarts
The Number One Reason Ginger Minj Should Have Won Season 7
Required Reading
On Nostalgia
Theories on ASOIAF
As The World Falls Down
Loyalty in Westeros and Beyond
The One Song
Happiness and Bright Eyes

Saving People’s Smiles: A Nonprofit Dentistry

Eloise Enchanted
Conan Jimmy’s Birthday and Gilbert the Magician
A Dream
I Had Another Dream
So, This Dream I Had…
A Thief in the Night
Fire Dream

Lectures With Liz (advicey stuff)
Why Schools Should Teach Religions
How To Confront Someone When You Have A Problem With Them
How To Get People to Pay Attention to What You Have to Say
Taking Time Between Realtionships
Parents vs. “Parents”
Death Threats and Teenagers
Why Do We Do This to Our Children?
This Needs To Stop
What is Harassment?
Taking My Own Advice
My Two Cents: Elections and Voting
Why Schools Should Teach Religions
Effort in Relationships.
Love the One You are Afraid to Lose.
What Do They Like About You?

I Quit Soda
No Pepsi, Day 2
No Pepsi Day 3
No Pepsi, /Day 4
No Pepsi, Day 5
No Pepsi, Day 15

Open Letters
Open Letter to Khloe
Open Letter to Nickelodeon
Open Letter To Ginger Minj
Open Letter to Pizza Hut

My Thoughts on Abortion and Contraception
Don’t Read This if You Don’t Like Your Religious Views to be Challenged
“I Would Like You If…”

Darling Little Spider
You’d Be Cute if You Weren’t Fat
Impaled By Love
Finally Free
The Call
Lying Awake in Bed
The Nothing
The Beast
Her Fortress

Similarities between Showers and Childbirth
Random Thought of the Day
A New Set of Rules

Things I like
Check These Guys Out
Get Paid to Shop Online?? Yes, Please!!


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