Open Letter to Khloe.


I have never watched your show, I don’t “keep up” with your family, and I know very little about you all. Frankly, the first time I heard Kim speak was on Ellen, and I was shocked that her voice sounded the way it does. I don’t know what I expected, but that wasn’t it.

Anyway, I digress. For a long time, with the little I have seen or read about your family, you have come across as the most real of the bunch. You are unapologetic, you are easier to relate to. You seem to be a very genuine, kind woman. I have long admired those qualities in you. I especially admire your willingness to stand up and defend the people you love with your whole being. Heart, soul, body and mind.

Recently, it has been a mess for you. With Lamar in the hospital, unknowing whether he would pull through, you immediately dropped everything and rushed to his side (I imagine) the moment you heard. You didn’t have to do that; you are not technically still together. You did it because of your love for him.

I admit, since I have admired you most of your family, I have “kept up” with you the most. I saw you fight for your marriage. I saw you struggle to help Lamar get back on track, and I saw you make what had to be the most difficult decision of your life – to end your marriage – when you felt you could not save it. I have held out hope on the sidelines, that your marriage could be saved, silly as it may be to hold out hope for someone who is so far removed from me that you may as well be a character in a sitcom… I held out hope for you and Lamar the way I held out hope for Cory and Topanga watching Boy Meets World in the 90’s. For whatever reason, I believe in you guys.

You rushing to his side like you did shows how much you still love him. Even if you never do end up together again, it is plain that your heart is with him for real. Not for ratings, not for viewers, not for money or cameras or media. You never left his side. That is the most real thing you could have possibly done. I have seen people, media and friends alike, saying that you are doing this to keep up appearances. That you rushed to him in order to get media attention, and that you have called off the divorce in order to get his money.

That is not what I see.

What I see is a woman with a big heart. What I see is that you ran to his side because he matters to you. You flew his ex and his children out there to be with him because you love him, and you love his children, and you knew they needed to be there. You knew he needed the people he loves to surround him. To help him pull through. I see a woman whose heart was breaking more and more each moment. And I see a woman with strength and character, and love. A woman who stepped up to take care of her ex when he needed her. A woman who could have spent minimal time with him. Could have gone home when her family did and chose not to. You chose to stay by his side when you were the only one there.

People will tear you down because of your name. They will tear you down because of Kim and her tape. People are cruel and ruthless, and they will take any scrap they can find and hold it against you.

Don’t let them.

Don’t let them win.

You are truly an inspiration. You could have chosen not to care. Not to go to him. You had no reason to have to be there. You chose to be there out of love and compassion. Hold on to that. Hold on to what makes you human. Hold on to what makes you strong.

Thank you for standing up when so many others would have sat it out.

Thank you for loving unapologetically.

Thank you for giving people someone to aspire to be like.



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