We Went to Profile Falls Today…

So, we have been having some adventures this summer, we went to the Basin yesterday, as we do every summer, and, for today, I planned to take the girls to Profile Falls in Bristol. It is about a 20 minute drive, and I had heard it is beautiful, so, when Krishna got back from church with my sister, we had lunch, and off we went.

The ride was fine, we stopped on the way, for drinks, and the road came up so suddenly, I drove right by. Got myself turned around, and went on our way. We drove down a couple dirt roads to the parking area, and walked about .2 miles before we saw the waterfall. We came to a path that wound down a sheer cliff face, and Krishna decided to look around. She saw a “Danger” sign*, but the way down looked a bit easier than going down the cliff, so, off she went.

I followed her as well as I could, she had no trouble getting down, but I barely made it in one piece. By the time I got down, the girls were already in the water. It was quite beautiful, and there were a ton of people swimming, and jumping off the falls, but we had to climb over rocks to get to it, which, while easy for the teenager, was not so fun for me.


I noticed there wasn’t even a porta potty right around the time Arienette decided she had to pee. Thankfully, she was okay about peeing in the woods. I also noticed there were quite a few people smoking and throwing the butts in the water. One woman, who had face tattoos, was 2 days past her due date, and I don’t know how she got down there, or what she would have done if she went into labor.

We were there about 30 minutes. Krishna didn’t like that the bottom of the falls were all rock, which hurt her feet, and Arienette got her foot stuck 3 times, and wanted to go. We decided to take the other path back, since we were told it was easier. Yes, this is the cliff face I avoided earlier.** I had Krishna keep her sister on the inside of the trail in case she stumbled, and I came behind. I stopped, because my foot was slipping around in my shoe, since we had to walk through a puddle, and Krishna said “Come on, mom”. I explained that I was slipping, at which point, I almost fell off the cliff, to my death, and Krishna says “Arienette! Look, a spider!” She claims that she was trying to distract her sister from the fact that I almost died, but I am not too sure about that one.

Well, we made it back to the car, and decided to go to the pond instead. We got there, and we all got a chance to enjoy a swim. We will not be going back to the falls. It’s beauty is not worth the trouble it takes to get down there and back up. Not one of us enjoyed it there, so I know it isn’t just that I am not in shape. Krishna specifically said that she likes the pond MUCH better, anyway.


*The sign mentioned rocks falling, but said not to go too close to a cliff wall, which was a safe distance from the trail we took.

**Not the one with the sign.


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