Finally Free

I wrote this years ago, I just found it.

Like a prisoner, trapped behind cold, steel bars
I was, when held tight in your arms.
Yet, I thought it safe, and I took solace
until my brain proved what my heart denied

I was your caged bird, and my heart sang.
I didn’t know where I belonged.
I thought the world would destroy me
but all along, you were my poison

Now, I truly know why the caged bird sings.
She does not understand that she is trapped.
She is unaware that she belongs
free in the world, to spread her wings.

I flew away, but my heart still is sad.
I let you in, and you tore it asunder
now here, I am left; alone and dejected
to rebuild my walls higher than ever before

My heart will sing again, someday
though I’ll not be trapped inside steel arms
I will be free to show my love
and this time, receive love in return

Yes, I know why the bird sings in her cage,
i is from no great elation
she sings because she is blind to the truth
it is sad that she is never to know

All the joy that can come from freedom
instead, she gets crowded isolation
as a captive to the deception that love
is to be someone else’s possession

No longer am I caged
I sing now, louder than ever
for, unlike the bird, I can now see
where I truly belong in the world


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