Conversations With Arienette 10


  • Arienette: “I need to get in your bed.”
  • Arienette: “I love you mummy”
    Me: “I love you too baby.”
    Arienette: “You drive me nuts.”
    Me: “Oh, I do?”
    Arienette: “Yeah. You’re my darlin.”
  • Arienette: *crying* “Don’t get my green cup!”
    Krishna: “Why?”
    Arienette: “Because you don’t need to!”
    Krishna: “Breathe.”
    Arienette: “I’ll breathe tomorrow!”
  • Arienette: “Thank you.”
    Me: “For what?”
    Arienette: “Thank you.”
    Me: “For what, love?”
    Arienette: “I said ‘thank you'”
    Me: “Yes, but what are you thanking me for?”
    Arienette: “You.”
  • Arienette just discovered her nipples. She pinched and twisted one.
    I said “Don’t do that…”
    Arienette: “What is it?”
    Me: “That’s your nipple.”
    She pokes the other one…
    Arienette: “What’s THAT?”
    Me: “That’s your nipple, also. You have two of them,”
    She gets a HUGE smile, laughs and pinches both of them.
    Arienette: “I’mma play with it.”
  • Arienette: “Maaaamee.”
    Me: “yes, love?”
    Arienette: “I need… rainbow.”
    Me: “A rainbow? But, I don’t have a rainbow. What rainbow do you need?”
    Arienette: “Need… a BLUE one.”
  • Arienette brings me some play food, I pretend to eat it
    Me: “Oh thank you.”
    Arienette: “You’re welcome”
    Me: “It was so delicious!”
    Arienette: “I don’t care it was so delicious!”
  • Arienette: “Mahmeeee!!”
    Me: “What?”
    Arienette: “My teeth are melting!”
  • Arienette: “He has bunny ears on!”
    Me: “He does have bunny ears on.”
    Arienette: “Just like I do!”
    Me: “you don’t have bunny ears on…”
    Arienette: “I don’t??”
  • Arienette: “Are you mad at me?”
    Me: “No, I’m not mad at you.”
    Arienette: “No, kitty is.”
    Me: “Oh, the kitty’s mad at you?”
    Arienette: “Yeah, I think so.”
    Me: “Why is she mad at you?”
    Arienette: “Because, she wants to. I’m a good girl.”

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