I indulged my inner masochist the other day by going to the dentist for a periodontal cleaning. Do you know what that is? They take the little tool with the hook on it, and scrape deep down, under your gums to get the tartar off your roots. They also have this fantastic little torture device called the “Cavitron”. The hygienist told me the Cavitron uses sound waves to get the tartar and calculus off your teeth, but really, it is a special little hook tool. “What’s so special about it?” you may ask. Oh, well I’ll tell you. This fancy little implement shoots water. That’s right. So, not only are they scraping your roots, but, at the same time, a jet of water is also pounding them into submission.

I sat there thinking take it, you little bitch. You can do this. It’s nowhere near as bad as childbirth, and you did that twice without drugs. You can handle this.

I could feel my nails digging into my legs. I gripped the arms of the chair instead.

From the reaction of the hygienist, you would think the grunt I made was a blood curdling scream. She decided I couldn’t handle the Cavitron, so she switched back to the other tool. This tool didn’t work as well, so it took longer. She told me she is sensitive to pain, and I looked at her. I told her that I would think you had to be a bit of a sadist to be in the dental field.

She laughed.

I have never once been to the dentist without being hurt in the process. I don’t think anyone has, unless they can’t feel pain. Even when they numb you, it hurts once the medicine wears off. I would think that those in the dental field would know this prior to committing to it. They go into this field where they know they are going o have to cause pain to every patient they ever see. How can someone who is so sensitive to pain that she can’t handle the perceived pain of her patient, get into this field? The irony made me laugh.

I sat through it, not complaining at all, though she frequently stopped to make sure I was alright. It took about an hour to get through it all. As I sat there, I pondered over the thought of dentists being sadistic. I mean, you can go to the doctor without being put in pain, though obstetricians have to be pretty sadistic people, as do delivery doctors. If she wanted to be in a medical field, there were plenty to choose from other than dentistry, why did she land where she did?

Ah, but I digress.

As I was leaving the office, I set appointments for the first of three fillings, and the first of four root scaling treatments. Because, why not, right?


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