Saving People’s Smiles: A Non Profit Dentistry.

Aspen Dental has a program that allows you to come in for your first exam and cleaning for free, so, a few weeks ago, I went in. They did x rays and an exam, but, when it came time for the cleaning, they informed me that, because I needed a “deep cleaning”, they could nod do one for me for free. The normal cleaning would have been covered, but they refused to even do that much.

Aspen Dental told me I needed three fillings, periodontal work and three wisdom teeth extracted. They quoted me around $2500.

Today I had my first appointment at Saving People’s Smiles in Concord NH.

I found out about SPS through a lot of research online looking for an affordable dentist. Due to the fact that Medicaid does not cover almost any dental work at all, I had not been for a cleaning in about 10 years. This, of course, is not acceptable. I called the number I found online, and spoke with a receptionist. She old me that, in the last month, they had done about a dozen second opinions from Aspen, and saved people hundreds and thousands just on procedures Aspen said they need that they really don’t. Of course I wanted a second opinion. Medicaid covers exams and extractions, so, I could get my second opinion with that. I asked about a deep cleaning, and she quoted me $78. In fact, for all the work Aspen said I needed done, she quoted me about half what Aspen had.

I met my grandmother in the parking lot, she had agreed to watch my little one while I was in my appointment, and we went inside. The waiting room was small, and it was packed. A Turkish family was siting along one wall with a translator, and I filled out paperwork. The hygienist came for me very quickly, and took me into a small exam room. The cleaning was very uncomfortable, though it really had to be since she had to go in under my gums for the periodontal cleaning. It was nowhere near as bad, however, as the exam at Aspen.

When the doctor came in and looked at the x rays sent over from Aspen, he said there is really no reason to extract my wisdom teeth. hey are no bothering me, and they do not look as though they will any time soon. The periodontal work and fillings, however, do need to be taken care of.

I set an appointment for my first filling, which will cost me $150. (I would do all three at once, but I cannot afford it.) I also set my first of four appointments (in six month intervals) for the periodontal cleanings. They had, at first, told me it would be $160 per visit, but were able to take that down to $78. I left the office feeling good about the fact that I can afford to see the dentist, and for MUCH less than Aspen (or anywhere else) charges.

Perhaps my favorite thing about SPS is how friendly the staff is. They were all kind, polite and respectful. Not once did someone look down upon me because I cannot afford to go o a normal dentist. Everyone was completely professional, while also being very kind.

Saving People’s Smiles is a Non Profit dentistry in Concord, NH that was started by retired dentist, Dr. Simpson in 2012, and two colleagues. He wanted a way to give back to the community, and thought it would be wonderful to give people an affordable option. Dr. Simpson knows that not everyone has dental insurance, and that, even those who do are no covered very well. Since it was his 30th anniversary of graduating from St. Paul’s School, he decided to give his practice the same initials. They treat all ages as well, and have books and toys in he waiting room. I only wish I had heard of them sooner. I would recommend this dentistry to anyone who is in need of a place to go. They are doing a wonderful thing for people in need.

Saving People’s Smiles

194 Pleasant Street, Suite #6
Concord, NH 03301

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