Conversations With Arienette 9


  • Arienette: “Have a spider in my cheek”
    Me: “No, you don’t”
    Arienette: “Oh, I got it.”
  • Arienette: “MOM”
    Me: “What?”
    Arienette: “Don’t wear that!”
    Me: “Why?”
    Arienette: “Because I said so. Not wear clothes!”
  • Arienette: “Sissa want an orange.”
    Me: “Yeah.”
    Arienette: “Sissa can’t have my food.”
    Me: *laughs* “Oh, she can’t?”
    Arienette: “No, it’s MY food.”
    Me: “Okay.”
    Arienette: “I like sissa.”
    Me: “Well that’s good.”
  • Emily: “Why are you being a brat?”
    Arienette: “Because. I just need to.”
  • Arienette: “I’ll have another birthday next year.”
  • Me: “Give me a minute, and I will get supper ready, okay?”
    Arienette: “Okay.”
    Me: “Do you know what we are gonna have?”
    Arienette: “yup.”
    Me: “You do? Well what are we having then?”
    Arienette: *pause* “I want ketchup.”
  • Arienette: *holds up green crayon* “That’s my birthday color!”
  • Arienette: “Spank my bum, I’m being a bad girl.”
  • Arienette: “How’s your day goin?”
  • As I went to empty her potty…
    Arienette: “Don’t spill it!”
    Me: “I won’t spill it.”
    Arienette: “It’s special.”
    Me: “It is?”
    Arienette: “It’s RED!”
  • Was laying down with Arienette, and she gets up and runs out of the room.
    Arienette: “Be right back! Don’t move! Stay there; laying down, you’re sleepy!”
    Me: (laughing)”Okay”
    *proceeds to bring me her cows and put them in bed with me.*
  • Arienette: “there’s FIREWORKS outside!”
    Me: “that’s thunder.”
    Arienette: “I like thunder.”
  • Arienette comes over to me
    Arienette: “I need up!”
    Me: “Why?”
    Arienette: “I need loves.”
    *I pick her up, and she clings to me*
    Arienette: “Don’t put me down.”
  • Arienette: “I’m not tired.”
    Me: “Oh, you’re not? Then why are you talking about it?”
    Arienette: “I woke up.”
    Me: “You did?”
    Arienette: “Yeah, couple weeks ago.”
  • Arienette: “Hey! Don’t say me ‘no’!”
    Me: “I said you ‘no’!”
    Arienette: “Don’t say it again!”
    Me: “No.”
    Arienette: “Why you say that??”
    Me: “Because it is the answer you are getting right now.”
    Arienette: “Pleeeeeeeeease???”
  • Arienette: “I’m a make you sumfin”
    Me: “Make something for granmum and Glenn. They are getting married tomorrow, you should make something for the wedding.”
    Arienette: “A peanut butter sandwich!”
    Me: “No, not a peanut butter sandwich.”
  • Arienette: “There’s somethin in my bum.”
    Me: “What is it?”
    Arienette: “It’s a sleepy seed.”
    Me: “There is not a sleepy seed in your bum.”
    Arienette: “Yes it is. just a little one.”

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