Open letter to Ginger Minj

All my life I have struggled with body image issues, self esteem problems and more. There is a huge backstory, but I have a feeling this is already going to be a TL;DR situation, so I won’t go into that right now. (if you would like to know, I will send you the link to that post)

Since seeing you on Drag Race, something inside me has shifted. I turned 30 on the 14th, so that may be part of it, but I prefer to give you the credit. Suddenly I have confidence. I am finding that I am starting to like myself more, and care less about my body shape. I think your song had a lot to do with that as well as the way you conducted yourself on the show. You are a bigger girl, and (see what I did there? “And” not “but”) you are BEAUTIFUL. You consistently looked amazing on the runway, and I was thrilled when you told Santino why you don’t corset. I am happy that you would rather work with what you have than to try to shove your body into a death grip (I have worn a corset. I hate the damn thing, and it makes me look ridiculous).

You have been such an inspiration to me, even outside of your talent and your love for your fans (as previously mentioned) because of your love for YOURSELF. Your love for your BODY. You have helped to spark a change within me that I have been trying to ignite for half my life. For that, I cannot thank you enough. I imagine you have done the same for so many people, and every time I notice someone feeling down about their body, I send them the link to your video. I listen to it every day. Multiple times. It helps to remind me to love myself. Love my body. It helps remind me that I am worth it, and that I am special.

All my thanks.



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