Growing Up Too Fast.

I was putting my bra on this morning, and Arienette says “Don’t put your bra on!” I looked at her, and said I have to wear it. She told me “Take your bra off!” I laughed. I wish I didn’t have o wear a bra, but the fact is, I would probably be arrested for public indecency if I were to go outside without one. It is bad enough that the biggest bra I can find is too small for me, add in the pain in my shoulders from the straps digging in, and the general discomfort of even wearing one, and really, the only thing making me wear it (other than the imminent threat of jail time) is the fact that it would be far more uncomfortable to walk around flopping all over the place.

Perhaps I ought to have warned you about the visual. Sorry about that.

Arienette then decided we needed to have a serious conversation about bras.

“I need a bra.” she said. I smiled at her, and told her she doesn’t need one, she is only three. undeterred, she proudly exclaimed “Want a pink one!” Now I laughed. “Oh, you want a pink bra?” “Yes. I need it in my room!” i told her she doesn’t yet have any boobs to put into a bra, and she lifted her shirt, patted her belly and said “I have boobs.” Of course, I laughed harder at this point, and told her that is her belly. I told her that she doesn’t need a bra right now, but she will someday.


“No, not Sunday, but some day.”

“Oh, some day?”

“Yes, when you’re older.”

“Later? Sissa has a bra.”

“Yes, well, sissa is bigger than you.”


Some days this little angel makes me laugh so much. There are some things that we want as children, that we realize we don’t really want once we get them. Bras, growing up, responsibilities, no naps. I can only hope she listens better than I did when I was a kid. But we never do believe that all the adults are right when they tell us to enjoy being a kid while it lasts… what do they know, right?



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