The Number One Reason Ginger Minj Should Have Won Season 7.

In the wake of the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 finale, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the winner, Violet, and whether she should have won. I am going to get my personal feelings out of the way here, and say that, when the season started, I could not stand Violet. Watching the first episode, I chose my top four: Ginger, Katya, Max, and Pearl. My top four never wavered, though, I did warm up to Violet a smidgen as the season went on. That said, I didn’t see a whole lot of talent in her. She can cinch enough to cover both her and Adore, should they ever perform together, but other than corseting (which IS a talent in itself), I didn’t see much versatility in her.

With that out of the way, I want to get into the finale. I (and everyone I spoke to) naturally assumed Ginger would be taking it home. She can sing, act, do comedy. She can cut a bitch down with her snark, and still leave you with the knowledge that it comes from a place of love. Dancing isn’t her strong point, but nobody is perfect, and she is so genuinely talented that I felt like it was a no brainer. She had to win. Right? Evidently not.

When Ru announced Violet as the winner, I waited half a moment to make sure it wasn’t a joke. Not out of disdain for Violet, but out of sincere confusion that Ginger didn’t win. She just seems like the total package, but it appears that Ru wanted someone who encapsulates (in Violet’s words) “The future of drag”. That is what it is. Whatever. Ru chose Violet to represent his brand for the next year, and I can’t complain about that.

Then, I heard that although it was promised to the VIP ticket holders that all 14 queens would be there after the show to greet fans, only three actually showed up. Ginger, Katya and Trixie. No Violet, no Pearl. I was hurt by this. I wasn’t there, but I was hurt that these queens, these two in particular, did not care enough about their fans to come out and greet them. Especially when they had a responsibility to do so. Whether this says anything about how Violet will do as winner remains to be seen. This is where my point comes in. (I enjoy rabbi holes)

Regardless of who you liked and why, the number one reason that Ginger deserved to win is that she loves her fans. Ginger knows that her fans are the ones who matter, because without fans, there is no demand. I have been a fan since I heard about Ginger, because of her personality, and then her obvious talent drew me in further, but her love for her fans is so beyond evident.

I, like many fans of Drag Race, spent a lot of time tweeting to my favorite queens. Ginger has replied, favorited or retweeted almost every single tweet I sent her. I think the only one she didn’t was when I mentioned that I couldn’t wait to see her win the night before the finale, and I am going to chalk that up to her not wanting to brag. She has made sure I know she sees me to the point of even following me back. I am by no means on anyone’s radar. I am not popular, or a big name, and Ginger Minj wanted to make sure that I knew she sees me.

Ginger wants her fans to know she appreciates them. She is doing this for us. Not for the fame or the money. THAT is why she should have won. She hasn’t forgotten us.

Ginger is a superstar. Crown or no crown.

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6 thoughts on “The Number One Reason Ginger Minj Should Have Won Season 7.

  1. Nice to know Ginger followed you back. I don’t bother to follow people in the spotlight unless they follow me first which is rare but does happen. As for Violet saying that she is the future of drag I really think that resonated with Ru. Ru loves Violet’s artistry. Ginger is way funnier than Violet but she’s lived longer, let’s remember. In my experience funny people -when I get to know them- admit their humor is sourced from elsewhere – in other words, often not from themselves


    1. That is true, but there are plenty of unfunny people who have the same resources to pull from. Talent is talent, no matter the source. At this point, I don’t think it is possible to say anything that has never been said before, or to do anything that has never been done.

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      1. Also, RuPaul Charles is in the entertainment biz. Violet’s statement pertained to branding weather she or we realized it or not – And by extension it also pertained to the future of RPDR itself. that said, Ginger would have been an equally good choice. I have no proof but I really feel the brand longevity issue was part of Ru’s decision


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