Why My Cat is Actually a Dog

  1. She likes to play fetch. (In the middle of the night, by dragging her damned toy onto my bed and miaouing at me until I throw it. Over and over.)
  2. She waits for me at the top of the stairs when I come home. (I can hear her miaou the moment I walk in the downstairs door.)
  3. She follows me around almost constantly.
  4. She comes when I whistle for her. video
  5. She looks at me when I say her name.
  6. She likes to sleep under the covers (she miaous at me, or paws me until I wake up and let her under, so she can be little spoon. Complete with my arm around her.)
  7. She LOVES attention. ALL the damn time.


8.  She likes water. (she will sit on the side of my bath with her paw or tail in the water.)


I guess it is a good thing I named her Wolf.


One thought on “Why My Cat is Actually a Dog

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