Eloise Enchanted (A Dream).

I am sitting in a cafe, preparing to take a third grade multiplication sheet test administered by my daughter’s English teacher from sixth grade. In the meantime, he has provided us with a picture of a generic looking bird, and given us colored pencils. My bird was becoming a raven, when I glanced at the television.

A young woman, beautiful and bottle blonde is carrying her baby through a college dorm. The theme in the dorm appears to be Hogwarts, and she is searching for her room, exhausted from a day of taking care of her daughter.

An acquaintance, Jenny, sees her and runs over. She cannot stop talking. She expounds upon how very excited to be in college, finally, and how nervous she is to star classes and meet people. She calls our protagonist “Eloise”. Eloise is very tired, and the last hing she wants is to be talked at incessantly by someone she barely knows, but is apparently “soooooo excited” to see her. Upon spying her room, Eloise promptly walks in and shuts the door.

Jenny is annoyed, and hurt that Eloise would be so rude. She locks the door from the outside, and walks away. In the adjoining hall, she joins various young women who are talking, and celebrating being in college, when one of them is dragged away by the ankle. The others are staring, they hadn’t seen anyone else, they didn’t see who dragged her off. They turn the corner to see blood and the remains of her body splattered on the walls and ceiling.

Screaming ensues, as, one by one, the girls are caught and slaughtered by an invisible source.

In the morning, campus security lets Eloise out of her room, and tells her how lucky she is that she had been locked in her room. Everyone else in her dorm is dead.

I am still waiting for the teacher to tell us to start doing math, and he cute guy sitting at my table is talking to me. I am only sort of paying attention due to how absorbed I am in the television. The teacher is watching me.

Eloise is in a class, and as it ends, I notice that she has the same teacher I do. It is at this point that I become Eloise.

I am walking out of the class, angry. I start running as I realize he (the teacher’s name is Kyle) is following me. Kyle speeds up. I run into a bathroom and lock he door behind me. I sit on the floor against the wall with my head back and eyes closed. I open my hand, palm up, and a glowing ball appears and starts talking to me. I believe this to be some kind of spirit. It is angry at seeing me mistreated, and is somewhat malevolent toward those who would do so. I stand and look in the mirror, and suddenly, I cannot help singing. I am singing loudly, and I want to stop, but this little spirit is inside of me, and is forcing me to sing. Suddenly, the bathroom is full of people who are applauding me.

It is night, and I am walking in a hallway. Kyle, and the guy from the cafe are trying to talk to me, separately. They are both following me, and I am trying to get away. I again run into a bathroom, but this one has many stalls and cannot be locked. They follow me in and corner me. I cannot understand what they are saying to me, but then one of them is shot in the back of the head, and the other runs away as my little spirit comes to me and says that he will never allow someone else to have me.


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