The Nothing

I can feel it inside me, growing ever stronger
Daily I feel I can take it no longer
It multiplies, rises and strengthens each day
There is nothing I can do to force it away
The nothing is there it is hollow and dark
It is taking control and breaking my heart
It never relents, it is strongest by night
But in the brightest of days will not throw the fight
It seeps in through my skin and takes over my brain
Rips out my heart, makes my eyes rain
I must find a way to make the pain stop
I have to do something or else I will pop
I hate this feeling, the poison inside
This cancer, the reason so much of me has died
I just can’t take this anymore I can’t go on
I need to end it, everything is wrong
I have nothing good inside me, my insides are sour
Rotten and awful, the nothing has the power
There is so much screaming inside of my head
I find myself wishing that I were dead
I am a horrible, rotten, awful mother
The worst of the worst, there is no other
I am a cancer, a poison, a disease
I don’t understand how nobody sees


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