Conversations With Arienette 7 (Mother’s Day Edition)


  • Arienette: “You need a blanket.”
    Me: “I need a blanket?”
    Arienette: “Yup”
    Me: “And why is that?”
    Arienette: “Your toes are cold.”
    Me: “They are?”
    Arienette: “Yup.”
    Me: “Well, okay then.”
  • Me: “Arienette, do you know how to listen?”                                                             Arienette: “no”
  • Arienette (in the bath): “Wanna go to a dance”
    Me: “You do?”
    Arienette: “Yeah, sissa already went to a dance.”
  • Arienette (on the phone with nana): “Mummy lost sissa.”
  • Me (to Krishna): “I have to go deal with your sister the terrorist”
    Krishna: “She’s not a terrorist.”
    Me: “She is. She’s a teeny tiny terrorist”
    Arienette: “I am NOT a terry-tortoise!”
  • Arienette: *throws empty pringles can*
    Me: “Relax, child.”
    Arienette: “NO! I’m NOT wowax! Stop talking about it!”
  • Arienette: “You annoyed?”
    Me: “I want you to stop being a brat.”
    Arienette: “No. Not yet. Soon.”
  • Arienette: “Can I have your toe? I’m hungry.”
  • Arienette (singing): “Happy birthday Anette”
    Me: “It’s not your birthday.”
    Arienette: “It’s not my birthday?”
    Me: “No.”
    Arienette: “I’m wearing birthday clothes…”
    Me: You’re not wearing birthday clothes,” *looks over at her* “You’re not wearing any-” *thinks* Laughs out loud.
  • Arienette: “What’s that?”
    Me: “I need this to finish grandmum’s present.”
    Arienette: “Makin something for grandmum?”
    Me: “Yeah. Tomorrow is Mother’s day. That is a day where people show their mummy how special she is.”
    Arienette: “Yeah. Need a gummies.”

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