Conversations With Arienette… what are we, on 6 now?


  • Arienette (at McDonalds drive through): “MOVE, car! I want my fruh fry chicken!”
  • Arienette: “Toofbrush on a broom! $14.99”
  • Me: “Oh, my Arienette, I love you so much.”
    Arienette: “Don’t say it, that’s mean!”
  • Me (after washing my hair): “There, mummy’s hair is clean.
    Arienette (looks at me briefly): “mummy hair a mess.”
  • Arienette (to Wolf): “I’m sit on you” *goes to sit on the cat*
  • Arienette: “Kiss my eye”
  • Arienette: “I went potty”
    Me: “No, you didn’t”
    Arienette: “I went potty yesterday.”
  • Me: “Put your sock and shoe back on”
    Arienette: “Put it on tomorrow.”
  • Arienette: “Sissa clean my toes.”
  • Arienette: “Need drink”
    Me: “In a minute”
    Arienette: “mummy go away. no more mummy. Never see again.”
  • Arienette: “Mummy bum big”

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