Conversations With Arienette 5


  • Krishna: “We’re gonna go buhbye”
    Arienette: “Yes, mermaid!”
  • Me: “is the sun all gone”
    Arienette: “More in there”
  • Arienette: “Moon all gone, sun is out. Time to play!”
  • Me: “Can mummy have loves?”
    Arienete: “No, don’t break me.”
  • Arienette: “Doggy not hurt you”
    Me: “What doggy? There is no doggy”
    Arienette: “doggy jump on her in dreams and mummy up! Mummy up! pshhhhhh doggy down, down, down. Pet her. Psshhhhhhh”
  • Arienette: “No nap? Yes, nap. No nap? Yes nap. No nuhnight? Time a bed.”
  • Arienette: “Kitty bit my finger.”
    Me: “Oh, the kitty bit your finger?”
    Arienette: “I’m hurt.”
  • Arienette: “That a bum bum bee!” I think (hope) she meant ‘bumble bee’
  • I was peeling the wrapper off a water bottle, and Arienette comes in the room yelling at me.
    Arienette: “Keep that on a bottle! Keep that on a bottle! Stop it! Stop it!”
  • Arienette (singing repetitively): “Mummy go in traaaaash”
  • Arienette: “Anette like mummy”
  • Arienette: “Mummy not sad, mummy good girl. No, mummy NOT a good girl. Mummy bad girl. Mummy sad.”

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