On Nostalgia

Growing up, when it came to watching television, Nickelodeon was usually my go to. I didn’t care for much of what was on Disney; I was never into Raven or Lizzie, but give me Pete and Pete or Clarissa, and I was all set. I have all seven seasons of Are You Afraid of the Dark. I have Ren and Stimpy, and some Hey Arnold. I am looking into getting more shows from the 90’s, primarily Nickelodeon shows, I remember with a smile watching Legends of the Hidden Temple. The first few seasons of All That (before they brought Amanda on) were great. SNICK was my favorite thing. Peeking out through my vast memories of my Nickelodeon days, however, I see Darkwing Duck (which I have some of), Duck Tales (I have that too) and Tale Spin. I remember watching that line up daily. I also, of course, remember Chip and Dale, Tiny Toons, Animaniacs and so much more, and it gives me great happiness to say my daughters enjoy these same shows. Treasures from my childhood that I am able to pass down to the younger generation.

Last year, I heard with some trepidation, that Disney was introducing Girl Meets World. Now, I loved, LOVED Boy Meets World, so I was anxious. I was hesitant to watch the new show, because while they were bringing back the same actors (GREAT move, by the way), I was still worried that they were going to ruin it. It took a while until I got up the courage to watch GMW but I am happy with it. The acting from the kids was rocky in the beginning, but it almost doesn’t matter because it is so much nostalgia. It is Cory and Topanga back together, and I am SO happy to see that, it is almost as if I am a kid again. I have the whole series of BMW, and will probably buy GMW when it is out.

Today, I was reading Perez, you know, as you do… and I saw a headline that made me excited.

Get Ready To Dive Into Your Vault Of Gold: Disney Is Bringing Back DuckTales In 2017! A Woo-Hoo!!!!

Duck Tales. Disney is bringing Duck Tales back. First they make a sequel to Boy Meets World, and now they reboot Duck Tales. Clearly Disney is listening to the fans in a way Nickelodeon is not. I have tweeted them, I even made a petition to Nickelodeon to bring back the 90’s.


Nickelodeon responded simply saying they show 90’s shows at a stupid hour at night. Parent’s don’t generally stay up late enough to watch them, who are they catering to with that? Disney has taken a step in the right direction. Much of what is seen on television today is wrong in a way that even Ren and Simpy couldn’t achieve. Mini skirts and crop tops adorn the prepubescent girls on the screen. I have a hard time sitting through some of what my oldest watches. Disney is bringing back the 90’s. I know a ton of people who will be thrilled about their latest move. Catering to the 90’s generation is a smart thing for them to do, it will help expand their audience, as well as pulling the kids into shows that they can watch with their parents. I believe that this move will help to bring kids and parents closer together, if it only serves to give them something to talk about, something to do together. A way to relate to each other. This shows how smart the people at Disney are.

Your move,  Nickelodeon.


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