Check These Guys Out.

First, allow me to say this is not sponsored. I mean, who’s going to sponsor some no name blog anyway, right?

That being said, I cannot recommend these guys highly enough.

When I like a product, I am likely to say so. I love this product and wanted to share.

After I sliced my leg open (see below), they refunded me for my last two boxes. Full refund just because of a faulty blade. They have great products too.

Their cheapest blade, “The Humble Twin” comes to your door for $1. One dollar for a standard razor. This is the only blade of the three I have not tried.

Next is “The 4X”. This razor has four blades, and you can get it for $6 per month. This is a great blade, very good quality and I liked it a lot.

“The Executive”. This razor has SIX blades and is yours for $9 per month. This is the one I use and it works like a dream. I love this blade.

Each month you get four cartridges. Four cartridges for under $10/month. These are a fantastic product and come straight to your door. You don’t have to remember to grab razors at the store, and you can cancel or upgrade at any time.

Other than razors they also have shave butter, post shave cream, wet wipes for toilet use, as well as extra cartridges and handles.

I have spoken to representatives twice now. Both times I experienced prompt respectful service, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their customer service. I definitely understand that no matter how good your products are, something is eventually going to slip through. I place no blame on DSC for my mishap, but simply wanted to let them know what happened. I had no idea they were going to be so helpful in their response. Their team is kind, as well as understanding, and I wanted to pass along to my readers that this is a quality company. Dollar Shave Club gets all my likes.

DSCF5867 DSCF5868


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