This Needs to Stop.


“I swear; if one more guy messages me to talk about my chest, I will implode. You would think that is all I am, a pair of walking breasts.”

I just sent this message to a friend of mine and decided that I need to rant. Sit down, this one is bound to be fun.

I cannot count the amount of times some guy has sent me a message to talk about my chest. I tend to just delete and block, but sometimes, that is not enough. I actually had one guy who kept changing his email and name every time I blocked him for over a year.

What is it about breasts that seems to make men lose their brain power? Almost every woman I have ever known has been opposed to men messaging them about their bodies. Personally, I hate my body and there is nothing that could make me block someone faster than being spoken to like I owe you something simply because I have large breasts.

I hate my chest. It causes a huge amount of pain in my back ans shoulders. It is constantly in the way, I cannot find bras ANYWHERE that fit me, I can’t sleep on my stomach, can’t sleep with a bra on, can’t sleep sitting up because I could suffocate myself if my face falls forward. It is literally the part of my body that I hate the most, so why would someone continue to talk about it after I have asked them not to? Do they seriously think it is going to make me want them?

Here’s a bit of helpful information: If you talk to me about my chest, especially after I have asked you not to, you WILL get blocked, and I will NOT speak to you again. It is not going to get you what you want, unless what you want is to get blocked.

My body is MY body. Nobody else’s. I am not interested in discussing it. I am no interested in being spoken to like my “no” means anything other than “no”. I am not interested in being told  “I can’t help it” when I call you on it. Saying you can’t help talking about something I have told you not to talk about is saying you have no control over your words. It is saying that you do not know how to use your brain, and there is nothing less attractive to me than someone who refuses to use their brain and give me the respect and courtesy I, as a human, deserve.

I am aware that I have breasts. I am aware that they are larger than average. Believe me, you cannot surprise me with that information. I don’t understand why people can be such idiots when it comes to a natural part of the human body. I don’t go around asking guys about their penis size, or how good their chest looks, and I should be able to expect the same amount of respect from men that I give them. Why is that so difficult?

Beyond this, I actually also hate the rest of my body except my eyes. I like my eyes. You want to compliment me or flatter me? Talk about my eyes, or some quality about who I am as a person. There is little enough I like about myself, but a compliment on some detail about who I am is much more likely to get a “thank you” or a smile than any comment on my body ever will. Seriously. Talk about my love for books, or how random I am. Compliment my knowledge of animals, or my varying taste in music. Talk about something I have written, or something I have made. Even my vocabulary. Literally anything about me that has nothing to do with the way I look. It should not be difficult, I am an open book.

Leave my body out of our conversations. If that is too difficult for you to comprehend, then you are not intelligent enough for me to be interested in you.

Moral of the story: telling me how much you like my chest or body is NOT a compliment unless we are in a relationship.


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