What Happened When I Tried To Take My Girls For Pizza

It began innocently enough, it was 11:45 I wanted to take my girls out for Pizza. It always starts innocently.

We had just finished watching The Little Mermaid. Arienette can’t decide whether Sebastian is a bird or a dog, and we were getting ready to leave. “When we get there” I said to Krishna, “I’m going to order, because I know what we are getting.” She simply responded that as she didn’t know where we were going, she had no problem with that. I told her we were going to Pizza Hut, and I wanted her to try something special.

We got into the car, and she offered to scrape the ice off, and since she likes doing that (odd teenager) I allowed it. It was the moment we left the driveway I realized something was very, very wrong. As I pulled onto the road, I felt my car lift. I applied the brake, and we went faster. I slammed the brake. We went faster still. I noticed the blue car parked at the bottom of the street. In the street. On the corner. I pulled the emergency brake. We. Went. Faster.

Knowing I was going to hit this other car, I did what I had to do in order to hit it as little as possible. I swerved, and my rear passenger bumper smacked off of her front passenger bumper. I saw the fire hydrant. I swerved again. My car stopped.

My car was in the snow, mercifully between the hydrant, and a fence encasing a house. My first thought, however was my girls. Luckily, nobody was hurt. Arienette didn’t seem to have even register that anything had happened. Krishna was on action mode. I sent her to talk to the people in the other car, because I was worried about what would happen if I released the brake, and I called my mother to fill her in. Thankfully, nobody in the other car was hurt either. Evidently, they had been trying to go up the hill and couldn’t make it, and had been sitting there for a few minutes and did not see me coming.

diagram of accident

The police came, and after a bit of talking, asked us to meet him at the department. We went to the department. The occupants of the other car went to the department. They seem really nice, I wish I had met them under different circumstances. The Sergeant, however, had gotten called off to a gunshot wound, so after sitting in the waiting room for quite a while, we were asked to go home.

There is no way my car was making it back to my house. I called my mother with the update, and she said we should come up there. I wish it had been so simple. I started driving up her street. After a couple false starts, my car turned completely around. I took the hint, and the next street over. I made it somewhat farther up this road, but still got stuck. Luckily, the person who came up next also got stuck and happened to have sand, so he helped me out. Thank you, random citizen! I took a side street, sent a plea to God and finally made it to my mother’s house, where I had to crunch into a snowbank so I did not slide right past. Luckily, once the girls were safely inside, I was able to get the car into the driveway without further incident. It is 2:00.

The rest of the day is spent at my mother’s house. We determine, due to the number of accidents, and the fact that it took her boyfriend 3 hours to do a usually 45 minute trip, it would probably be safer for us to stay there overnight. One problem. Arienette refuses to sleep anywhere other than her crib. Knowing that there is no way she would stay in the bed without me, I let her stay up late hoping it would help her sleep better.


We went to bed at 8. Little miss sunshine screamed. Krishna and I took it in turns to lay down with her, but still she screamed until I said “The moon is out, the sun is all gone. When the sun is up, you can play.” Or something to that effect. It somehow stopped the screaming, so I won’t question it too much, but it was 10:30 before she was sleeping, and even when she was asleep, she was slapping me. 12:30, she wakes up with a demand for water. To keep her from screaming, we got her water. I took her back to bed, and it was 2:30 before she fell asleep again, and I fell asleep for the first time.

I woke up this morning, in pain to the sound of voices in the other room. I tried to drift back off. Beside me, I hear the words “The moon is gone, the sun is out. Time to play!” It’s 6:00


5 thoughts on “What Happened When I Tried To Take My Girls For Pizza

  1. jennie

    if it icy and you need to slow down dont apply the brake.. put your car in to a lower gear.. you can do this even if you are in an automatic.. the engine will sound like it is dying but your car will slow down.. when if it doesn’t do it fast enough tap the breaks… i learned that the hard way


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