Conversations with Arienette 4


  • Arienette: “More donut?”

Me: “I don’t have any donuts.”

Arienette: “more?”

Me: “there ARE no donuts”

Arienette: “All gone donut?”

Me: *sigh* “All gone donut”

Arienette: “More?”

  • Arienette: “Mummy. MUMMY!”

Me: “what?”

Arienette: “What do you want?”

  • Arienette: “Annette a good girl”

Me: “yes, you’re a very good girl”

Arienette: “mummy a good girl too.”

  • Me: (looking at a text from Krishna) “Sissa says she loves you”

Arienette: “love you too, sissa. Now stop crying, wake up sir!”

  • Arienette: “Don’t touch me, I’ll hurt you.”

  • Arienette: “Turtles say ‘I’m a brat.’”

  • Arienette: “No nap. Bedtime is 6.”

Me: “Bedtime is 6?”

Arienette: “Yup.”

Me: “Well it’s almost 6 now.”

Arienette: “Bedtime is 6. 30.”

  • Arienette: “Mummy a bad girl.”

  • Arienette: “See Steph?”

Me: No, we’re not going to go see Steph today.”

Arienette: “Later.”

  • Me: “I love you.”

Arienette: “I love you too. I love you darlin’ mummy. I love you sooooo much.”

  • Arienette: “I fell down!”

Me: “Oh no! You fell down?”

Arienette: “Mummy so proud of you…”


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