Conversations With Arienette (Part 3)


  • Arienette: (eating pasta and meatballs, reaches down to grab a piece with her fingers)

Me: “Use your fork”

Arienette: “Hi mummy”

Me: “Hi baby”

Arienette: “Good girl baby”

  • Arienette: (puts her cars and cup down on her tray, points at them and tells them)”Annette be back soon, okay?” (Walks away)
  • Arienette: runs out of her room, exclaimed “Peek a boo!” to show me she put her undies on by herself, and says “Put a undies on”.
  • Arienette: (face is orange, she is holding an orange crayon [NO idea how she managed that] )

Me: “What did you do??”

Arienette: “Put a makeup on”

  • Me “I love you”

Arienette: “Love you too, darlin”

  • Arienette is holding Krishna hostage. Krish put her coat on, and Ari walked into the living room, pointed at the chair and said “Sissa sit down!”

Then, she brought her a book and said “sissa read a book!”

Krishna read the book and told Ari good bye, and Arienette says “No. Sissa read anuvver book!” and brought her another book.

  • Me: “Do you have to go potty?”

Arienette: (taking magnets off the fridge and putting them into her purse) “No, not right now, I’m busy.”

  • Arienette: “mummy rock”

Me: “yes, those are mummy’s rocks”

Arienette: “Mummy rock a ocean.”

Me: “yes, mummy got her rocks from the ocean.”

Arienette: “Big baff”

Me: (laughing) “Yes, the ocean is a big bath.”

  • Arienette: “No, no nap. Blankets.”

Me: “Oh, look at that, you have blankets in your bed!”

Arienette: “More blankets!”

(it is 85 degrees in her room)

  • Arienette: “Sissa says ‘UGH!’”

  • Arienette: “Buhbye mummy.”

Me: “Where you going?”

Arienette: “This way… get a paper.”

  • Arienette: (petting Wolf, some fur sheds off) “I broke a kitty”

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