Theories on A Song of Ice and Fire


Well, now that we have THAT out of the way, I thought I would post my list here and invite discussion on some of the intricacies on ASOIAF. I am curious to see if anyone else has picked up on the same things.

Jon Snow:

Jon Snow is not Ned’s son. He is his nephew.

When Ned went to rescue Lyanna, he encountered all of her guard outside the tower, however, he heard her scream. He rushed in and found her in a pool of blood. It is ALSO said that she was not fond of Robert; she was concerned about him straying after the marriage. She went willingly with Raegar. When Ned found her, she had just given birth to her son by Raegar. “Promise me, Ned” she had said to him, but it is never said WHAT promise she wanted. She wanted him to care for her son as his own. When Catelyn arrived in Winterfell, Jon and his wet nurse were already there. This implies that he was not yet weaned, and most mothers would not willingly give up their child… this also implies the mother was dead, we know Lyanna is dead. She knew she was dying, and that her son would be killed if people knew… “The dragon has 3 heads” Dany, Aegon…. and Jon Snow; blood of the dragon AND the Dire Wolf.

The above also explains why Ned Stark, so full of honor would appear to have dishonored himself with another woman, and why he would be unwilling to discuss it even with his wife. Only Howland Reed has knowledge of the truth.
The horn Jon found at the Fist of First men with the dragonglass is the horn of Joramun. Sam has it.

Jon is not dead. Melissandre will bring him back, his “death” will absolve him from his vows at the Wall, and he will become Lord of Winterfell, as per Rob’s wishes.
Jon and Meera Reed are twins.


Stannis is alive. If Ramsay Bolton had captured Stannis, he would already have Jeyne (“Arya”) and Theon, since they are with Stannis. He specifically demanded them from Jon. Also, Jon knows (from Alys) Jon will have told the banker from Braavos. He would have told him, since he was headed for Stannis, that there was a message that the Karstarks would turn against him for Bolton. OR… The Karstarks are really for Stannis, and not Bolton. This could be true based on the fact that they were unhappy with Rob, not Eddard. They lost men at the Wedding as well as any of the other lords, and I can imagine that they hate the Boltons and Freys as much as any of the other Northern Lords. They may be biding their time waiting to switch sides, but with men on both sides of the fence, it is likely they are testing the water to choose a side at a later time.

Val is right; the grayscale will not lie dormant forever. It will reawaken in Stannis’ daughter.

Others / Wights:

The Dragons will help with this problem, particularly the wights. They can kill them with dragon fire, and then eat them (Ghost has demonstrated that they can be eaten without ill effect) this will solve (at least for some time) the issue of finding food for the dragons without them hunting people, or the animals people need for survival, and it will seriously cut down on that particular enemy.

Fire also bothers the Others, though not to the same extent, however, they have weapons that will kill them as well.

Sandor Clegane:

The Hound is dead. Sandor Clegane, however, is alive and digging graves on the Quiet Island. Stranger would never have gone willingly without him, Arya said that Stranger is wild and mean to anyone other than Sandor, and his being on the island shows that he did not fight. I doubt they would have risked someone’s life to get him there. Also, the grave digger bent to stroke a dog, and Sandor was always fond of dogs, if not of people.

Sandor will end up with Sansa. I only hope she learns to be a decent human being because I cannot stand the bitch.


For a while, I thought Jaquen would turn out to be the Kindly Man that is helping Arya, but that is unlikely since he seems to have permanence in that temple. However, at the beginning of Book 5 (I think) the Novice, Pate ran into an older man, and seemed to be “killed” though he turned up again once Sam arrived in Old Town. He was in the Solar of the Maester that Sam told his story to… I think he is Jaquen. The face changers need FACES to change to, we learn that in 5. I think he took Pates face so he would be inconspicuous in Oldtown.

Jaqen is Syrio. They have the same manner of speaking. Plus, when Arya ran from the guards she did not see what happened to Syrio. They probably threw him in the dungeon where he took some man’s face – thereby giving Rorge and Biter reason to fear him, which they obviously did as noted by Arya when she mentioned Jaqen to them and they ceased to threaten her.

if Syrio is a faceless man, it would stand to reason that he came to kings landing to “give the gift” to someone. but who? Littlefinger admitted that he was behind Joffrey’s death…

And did he succeed?


Arya heard Varys and Illyrio talking in the well in book 1.

Arya will marry Gendry ❤

The cat Arya was trying to catch in King’s Landing (at Syrio’s behest) is Balerion, Rhaenys’ Kitten. This cat is also the “bad cat” Tommen mentions to his mother.

Arya will not continue at the House of Black and White. She will continue on killing as she will (the people in her “prayer”) She misses home too much, she misses Arya, though she won’t admit to it, and she misses Jon and Gendry as well. She may still follow Him of Many Faces, but she will leave the temple.


Jamie is Cercei’s “valonqar” because he refused her when she needed him most. She trusts the wrong brother.

Jamie should end up with Brienne if he lives. It is clear that they have grown fond of each other, though each has tried very hard not to. Barring this, I also like the Brienne / Sandor idea.


Brown Ben Plumm did not desert. He went out to recruit more men for his queen. The dragons love him, and this is a strong indicator that he means no harm to their mother. Always trust animal instincts. Also, Jorah and Tyrion are with him, and Jorah knows Ben, so if Ben truly HAS deserted, there will be conflict there.

Reznak Mo Reznak is the Harpy.

The sellsword companies will abandon Yunkai, though they will do it quietly. They want the gold.

The Tattered Prince tried to poison Dany (with or without Hizdahr’s help) He basically told this to Quentin when they met to discuss freeing the dragons. Something along the lines of the best dishes being the ones that are poisoned. His motive is summed up in two things. 1: Dany refused to give him Pentos, and 2: Quentin betrayed him by going over to her.

I understand why Dany loves Daario. I have known someone like Daario, and I understand the pull. Because of this, I know Daario is dangerous. He needs to die immediately. Dany will be hurt, yes, but if he lives he will hurt her more.


Varys is ignorant of three things (at least) Jon Snow’s parentage, Arya’s whereabouts, and the fact that Rhaenys’ cat, Balerion is still alive.

Varys is loyal to house Targeryan.


Tyrion is a Targeryan. It has been mentioned that Tywin does not believe Tyrion is his son, and in A Game of Thrones, in one of Jon’s chapters, when he first sees Tyrion, he makes note of his hair being so blonde it is almost white. This is a Targeryan trait. It is also said that the King may have taken liberties with Joanna Lannister.

Random Thoughts:

Taena is only pretending to be on Cercei’s side – she is on Margaery’s side, this is why she refuses to bring her son to King’s Landing. Also, it is suspicious that they allowed her to leave when they imprisoned Cercei, instead of questioning her. This coupled with the fact that they allow Margaery to leave and be with Tommen, when they never indicated that she confessed to anything leads me to believe that the High Sparrow is on her side as well, and they are working to bring the Lannisters crashing down.

Hodor is a Frey. Old Nan mentioned his name was “Walder” and nobody knows where “Hodor” came from.

Lord Andros Brax (or Varys disguised as Brax) is the one who brought Gendry to safety at the smithy… which is odd, as House Brax is a chief bannerman to House Lannister.

I hope they allow Tommen and Myrcella to live, they seem like sweet kids.

Poor Podrick.

Poor Sam. I want so badly for Sam to end up with Gilly. My heart hurts for them both.

Septa Lemore is the mother of Tyene (one of the Sand Snakes). Someone in Dorne knows Aegon is alive.

“The Last Hero” in Old Nan’s story is the three eyed crow.

In one of Davos’ chapters in A Clash of Kings, the Seven (while burning) are used to represent the Starks (at least in part.) “The maiden lay athwart the Warrior, her arms widespread as if to embrace him. (Arya embracing her inner warrior) The mother seemed almost to shudder as the flames came licking up her face.(Catelyn foreshadowing of the destruction to her face while grieving for Rob just before her death) A longsword had been thrust through her heart, and its leather grip was alive with flame (further foreshadowing about Catelyn being brought back by Thoros / Beric) The Father was on the bottom, the first to fall (Obviously Eddard) Davos watched the hand of the Stranger writhe and curl as the fingers blackened and fell away one by one, (Jon burned his hand defending against the Wight) reduced to so much glowing charcoal.” And on the following page “The head fell off the smith in a puff of ash and embers” (More Eddard) This is interesting, as the only Stark to keep the Seven is Catelyn, though Sansa is said to prefer the sept to the Godswood as well.

People I have not SEEN die:
Stone Snake
Weasel (the young girl that was with Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie, and Lommy)
The Hound
Jon Snow
Old Nan
Beth Cassel
Davos’ sons
Symeon the singer
Jeyne Westerling’s brother that was at the Red Wedding.
Gregor (The Mountain) (Robert Strong)
Rob’s Frey allies

Questions I need answered:

Who was Syrio to begin with?
Why did Catelyn send Tom O’ Sevens to Riverrun knowing his past with Edmure? Was it in atonement for what he did?
Varys vs. Petyr. Who will win? (Hopefully Varys)
How do I feel about Petyr?
Will Petyr come face to face, or even communicate with Catelyn?
Will Catelyn allow Jamie to speak, and will Brienne explain to Jamie what is happening before they get to her?
Does the Mage know who Pate truly is?
Why is Varys loyal to the Targeryans?
Where is Tysha?
Who is Qaithe?
What will Dany do when Jorah returns with Tyrion?

The number 3:
The number 3 seems to have a strange significance in ASOIAF
Lyanna Stark (Jon Snow), Rhaella Targeryan (Dany), Joanna Lannister (Tyrion) are the only three women mentioned who died in childbed (although Lyanna is only implied).
The dragon has 3 heads
Dany will suffer 3 betrayals
Dany will have 3 mounts
3 Lannister siblings
3 sons of Eddard Stark
3 Targeryan siblings (Dany, Rhaegar and Viserys)
Margaery has had 3 husbands (Renly, Joffrey, Tommen)
Syrio = Jaqen = Pate of Oldtown
3 chained inmates (Jaqen, Rorge and Biter)
3 deaths for 3 lives (Jaqen’s payment to Arya for saving them)
3 companions (Arya, Gendry, Hot Pie)
3 Stark men (Eddard, Benjen, Brandon)
3 Lannister children (Joffrey, Tommen, Myrcella)
3 Martells (Doran, Elia, Oberyn)
3 main sand snakes (Obara, Nymeria, Tyene)
3 dragons
3 children of Rhaegar (Jon, Rhaenys, Aegon)
3 Baratheons (Robert, Stannis, Renly)
3 guards for Lyana (Dayne, Whent, Hightower)
3 Main towers at the wall (Black, Eastwatch, Shadow Tower)
3 Greyjoy sons (Theon had 2 brothers)
3 Greyjoy uncles (Victarion, Damphair, Euron)
3 dead direwolves (the mother, Lady, Grey Wind)
3 women for Tyrion (Tysha, Shae, Sansa)
3 Tyrell sons (Loras, Garlan, Willas)
3 dead Lannisters (Joffrey, Tywin, Kevan)
3 Captains for Dany (Ser Jorah, Sir Barristan, Greyworm) and then (Daario, Sir Barristan, Greyworm)
3 ladies of Stark (Catelyn, Arya, Sansa)
3 Tully Children (Catelyn, Edmure, Lysa)
3 names for Ser Barristan (Ser Barristan, Ser Grandfather, Arstan Whitebeard)


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