Why Do We Do This To Our Children??

I am very disappointed in the level of photoshopping that goes into magazines and other celebrity photos. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle in my attempt to get my two beautiful daughters to love themselves for who they are, and I find that a large part of the blame must be placed in the hands of the people who are shopping these pictures.

I was reading Perez Hilton today, you know, like you do, and I came across this article about Madonna. http://perezhilton.com/cocoperez/2014-11-20-unretouched-photos-of-madonna-from-interview-magazine-2010/?from=post#.VG4_ZPnF-5w . It shows some untouched photos that leaked from a recent magazine shoot. Looking through the images in the gallery, my first thought was that her skin is not very smooth. I immediately changed my thoughts with the realization that of course she has wrinkles. She is 55 years old, she SHOULD have wrinkles. She should wear them proudly. We are so conditioned, however, to expect celebrities to look inhuman and perfect that when we see these untouched pictures, our brains do a double take.

Even worse than all of this is the fact that young girls don’t realize that even these celebrities do not look like they do in magazines. I am sure you have all seen Kim Kardashian’s pictures in the Paper magazine spread. Nobody looks like that. There is NO WAY that those pictures were not retouched. But our children don’t see that. They see these “beautiful, perfect” people and they aspire to look like them. They don’t know that it is not possible, so they spend countless, maddening hours focused on how they look rather than who they are.

My daughters are both beautiful, intelligent girls. They are wonderful, funny, kind and thoughtful. Unfortunately, with the media doing what it does, they will probably care more about how they look and wanting to “shed those extra pounds” than about being good, intelligent people. Krishna is fantastic in math, she is currently getting an A+. She is very smart, but I have noticed that she has been acting like she is dumb in order to get attention from boys. She does not have to do that, and I have told her many times that any boy that is worthy of her is going to like her for who she is, not how she looks, and not by how dumb she acts.

As yet, Arienette does not care much about how she looks, though she does love to brush her hair, and she pretends to put makeup on when she sees me doing it. She is smart, funny, caring (she will share toys and food like you wouldn’t believe.) She is the sweetest little two year old, and loves to help me with anything I need help with. These are the things I want her to care about. The things I want her to see when she looks in the mirror – the things I see when I look into her beautiful brown eyes.

I am hopeful that some day, these magazines will realize their mistake. I hope they will realize that they are doing young girls (as well as young boys – I just have almost no experience with the latter) a great disservice. I hope they will chose to make the next big trend simply being yourself, proudly showing your true body. The body that is not photoshopped. I think that this is the only way for our children to see that they ARE beautiful. To see what these celebrities really look like.

Madonna is a beautiful woman. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman. They should glory in the bodies that God gave them instead of expecting people to make them look “flawless”. I pray that one day, a magazine will come out that refuses to shop these pictures. A magazine that shows these beautiful women and handsome men in their true forms. No photoshop, perhaps even no makeup. I tell my girls that they can be anything they want when they grow up, as long as they are happy and nobody is getting hurt. Perhaps they will be doctors, or engineers, pilots, maybe even singers or movie stars. Who knows what they will accomplish in their lives? The one thing I DO know is that I am raising them up as good people. If some day they happen to garner fame, I will always suggest to them to allow themselves to be seen as they are. No photoshop necessary.

Krishna with the trophies she earned at a tournament.
Krishna with the trophies she earned at a tournament.



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