Open Letter to Pizza Hut

Dear Pizza Hut,

I have noticed that you are revamping your menu yet again, to include things that are very strange, in an effort to bring in more customers. I appreciate that you want more customers, and I understand that you have been seeing a decline over the years. I am here to tell you that, unfortunately, you are going in the wrong direction.

You are not seeing a dwindling customer base because people don’t like your pizza. Your pizza is delicious, and I love you guys. The problem is the price. When I get online to order my customary pan pizza with bacon, pepperoni, sausage and pineapple, I cannot fail to notice that it is never enough for your minimum purchase requirement. This forces me to also order a side that will just go to waste. While your sides are delicious, they are awful when you reheat them, and I can not eat all that food by myself in one sitting. After I meet the minimum requirement, however, you also slam me with a delivery tax, which, as stated on your website, does not cover the tip amount. So then, I end up paying a tip on top of all this, (and I always tip at least %20) and by the time the order goes through, I end up paying more than double the amount I would have paid to just order the pizza (with NO wasted side) at a local place.

I understand your drivers need to be compensated for their gas expenditure, and that their pay rate is lower than minimum wage due to tips. I also understand that not every customer tips. This is probably the reason for the delivery tax, and I get it. I do. My suggestion is that, instead of the tax, and even instead of the “tip” that is not guaranteed, you add a mandatory 25% gratuity onto the bill. I would also like to see the minimum purchase requirement go down. I would like to be able to order my pizza with NO side. I see no reason why a pizza should not cover the minimum purchase requirement for your store when it will do so with no problem for any of the local places.

I can almost guarantee that if you lower your prices, you will see a rise in orders far better than any number of bizarre and fancy menu additions can achieve. Please take this into consideration. I love your pizza, I just can’t afford it.

Thank you for your consideration
Elizabeth Kopuz


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