White Tiger Karate Haunted Hike 2014


The first weekend is over, and boy was it fun. Every year we get together with Krishna’s Karate school and help out with the Haunted Hike. Sensei Sharyl puts this event on each year as a way to help families in need. We prep the path and then have a couple weekends to scare, and it is my favorite thing every year. We (Krishna and I) have been doing the Hike for the last six years, and this is the tenth anniversary of the event. I love my spot at the cemetery where people get off the hay cart and start their journey through our haunted woods. For the past six years I have sat by my fire at the little cemetery waiting for groups of people to be dropped off to give them a brief rundown before sending them off down the path to be scared, and I have loved every moment of it.

People will arrive at Sensei’s house where there is food and drink to be had for donation, as well as a large bonfire. From there, they get on the haycart for a brief ride up to my spot, where I go over the fact that it is a path through the woods so they should (hopefully) have decent shoes on – you would be surprised how many flip flops have come through – and ask only that they use their common sense about things that are generally found in the woods (pot holes, puddles, rocks, etc) and I usually warn them to keep small children in the center of the group so they don’t fall in the mud (mud is inevitable in the woods). Then, they are off on their adventure.

Perhaps my very favorite part is deciding what kind of makeup I will wear each night. I recently started experimenting with liquid latex in the making of prosthetics such as open wounds for my costumes. I have made several, and I get a certain odd joy from making and wearing them. They are somewhat grotesque which makes me even more pleased with them. My least favorite part is knowing I can not have Arienette with me in the woods, and even though I know she is safe inside the house, I still have trouble being away from her. I do know that it is good for her to not always be with me, however I can not seem to stop worrying about her. I suppose that comes with having a small child, however, and she always has fun with the other kids.

Small children, or others who do not wish to be scared too badly generally come before seven, when it is still fairly light, and those who do wish to be frightened come after dark. We all have a great time scaring people, and keep a running tally of how many people wet themselves. I am like a kid in a candy store when it comes to Halloween, I legitimately start planning for the next hike the day after the current one ends, and even now, knowing we still have four days left this year, I find myself thinking about what I will come up with for next year. I always like to switch up my look so that, even if people have been through previously, and know I will be there, they still won’t know quite what to expect from me. The photo at the top of this post shows my three different looks from this weekend, so I do tend to change my look daily. (all pictures in this post are from this year.)

I look forward to next week, and Halloween night when we will once again be on our path in the woods raising money for local families. What better way than to organize an event where people can come, have fun, be scared and then enjoy a hot snack and drink by the fire? Sensei Sharyl puts on a wonderful show every year, and I couldn’t be happier with the turnout. Please feel free to come find us, and to comment with any questions you may have. You won’t regret visiting us, and please remember that proceeds go to help families in need.



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