A Dream?

I was watching myself from the ceiling, and I was laying in a bed, in a dark room unlike my real bedroom. There was a ghost or demon, or something, but I could not see it, it was just some evil presence. Suddenly, I was back inside my body, not watching from above I was having a hard time breathing, and I was wearing my mask for my sleep apnea, and when I tried to move, it was hard, and very slow… like something was trying to stop me from moving. I was trying to take off the mask, so I could breathe normally, but it was so hard to get my hand to my face. When I finally got the mask off, I woke up, and my mask was really off. My hand was on the strap, from just having taken the mask off. I was unsure whether it was real, I was paying attention to my breathing, and realized it was normal, and then I started moving my hand and saw I could move normally as well. I put the mask back on, and there was nothing wrong with it, I was breathing normally, though in the dream, it felt as though I had been fighting for my life.


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