I Had Another Dream


It is night, and the roads are all but empty. In the middle of the sidewalk, there is an opalescent section of stones in a pattern. A woman, appearing frightened, and seeming to be resisting, walks into the center of this pattern and is pulled into it.

Flash forward to the next day: people are walking down the sidewalk when the spot appears. A woman, walking with her friends suddenly turns around. She is unable to speak, and her friends turn around and ask where she is going. She walks toward the spot, though she is obviously trying not to. People are staring. One of her friends grabs her arm, but is unable to stop her. She is pulled into the spot. There is panic. People are running, but one by one, the women are drawn to the glittering spot on the ground. Fighting and struggling, they are pulled into it, seeming to just vanish.

One woman seems to be outrunning it. She is zigging and zagging, and seems unaffected which suggests that whatever power is behind this needs to have a clear shot on you in order to pull you in. She manages to escape into an alley, where she realizes that you must be in view of this spot in order for it to affect you.


One thought on “I Had Another Dream

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