So, This Dream I Had…

There were three people on a platform in the ocean, sharks everywhere. One of the women had gone swimming, and hasn’t returned, but there has not been anything suggesting the sharks attacked her. The man was swimming, and kept jumping on the platform trying to scare the other woman who was looking around trying to see her friend and not paying attention to him. She never even noticed when he wasn’t there anymore. Suddenly, a strange man swam up, and asked if she would help him, he was trying to hold onto three baby sharks, to save them he said, but one kept slipping away, and he wanted her to hold it. She was afraid of sharks, but she agreed because it was a baby, and she wanted to help. The moment he handed her the shark, it slipped through her fingers and into the water. She jumped in after it, and she never came back.  The next day, four people (2 males, 2 females) came looking for them, and were brought out to the platform. The same man showed up, and they asked about their friends, and he told them what had happened. They all went into the water to find them, and as they were swimming, they found what looked like a pink tunnel standing on end, and when they put their hands into it, they noticed that it was different than the water around them. They swam into it, and started floating down and landed in little pods, one to each pod. One of the men, and one of the women went down slides and out of sight, but the other two pods would not move. The man was taken into a back room by someone who looked like a mad scientist with fluffy white hair, and who was much bigger than them. He could hold them each in one hand. He ignored the woman for the moment, and she decided to investigate, so she crept to the back room and watched.

Aaand that’s when I woke up


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